Real Time Performance & Interactive Systems Using Max 5
November 30 – December 5 2009

Invited Professor David Zicarelli

The Masterclass will be taught - through a combination of lectures and practical work over six days - by computer music teachers and experts. During three days David Zicarelli, the first Max developer and Cycling 74 founder will teach to the class, also presenting for the first time in Italy Max for Live.

Course contents
The Masterclass is designed for students, educators, musicians, composers/sound artists, and performers wishing to utilise live electronics, also in interactive environments.
The focus will be on the creative compositional applications of Max. The subject matter is to provide key techniques and strategies that can be used to aid the design of musically creative patches.
Students should already be experienced with MaxMSP because the Masterclass will not cover the basics of programming. Emphasis is placed on the use of Max for control of complex interactive systems and on areas of active research and interest at CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali, including:
•    Max 5: features, changes and advances
•    real-time performance with computer based instruments and gestural controllers
•    probabilistic approaches and data-management in interactive instruments
•    rapid prototyping of gesture based instruments and accompanying real-time software in MaxMSP
•    different approaches to treatment of control functions in a musical score
•    creating externals with Max Software Development Kit (SDK)
•    MaxMSP & Arduino
•    complexity management in Max/MSP
•    reliability and robustness of concert-ready patches
•    Max For Live

On the very first day of the Masterclass a new book for the MaxMSP student and expert will be presented: Musica Elettronica e Sound Design – Teoria e Pratica con MaxMSP (Electronic Music & Sound Design – Theory and Practice with MaxMSP) by Alessandro Cipriani e Maurizio Giri.

A variety of materials and resources will be provided to Masterclass participants, including copies of all the programming examples provided in the course, references to large sets of 3rd party externals, and references to a wide range of research topics in the field.
Course participants will bring their own laptop computers for use during the course.

David Zicarelli,  Max first developer and Cycling 74 founder

Lorenzo Seno, physics engineer, scientific director of CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali, signal processing teacher at Conservatoire Alfredo Casella in L’Aquila

Silvia Lanzalone, composer, electronic music teacher at Conservatoire Martucci in Salerno

Walter Cianciusi
, composer, MaxMSP expert at the CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali Roma

Carlo Laurenzi
, composer, MaxMSP expert at the IRCAM Paris and at the CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali Roma

Francesco Rosati
, MaxMSP teacher at the European Institute of Design (IED)


Fee & Policy
The Masterclass is open to candidates who are graduates of a Conservatory or who are students (also from universities) or musical operators.
Duration of course: 6 days, with 4 hours study each day.
The Masterclass official language is Italian.
Candidates admitted to the course will pay an attendance fee of €400 (the fee is € 200 for Conservatory students) by
•    Check addressed to CRM- Centro Ricerche Musicali Via Lamarmora 18 – Roma
•    Money transfer (call +39 06 4464161)
•    Paypal ( This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it )
The 80% of the fee will be refunded should the candidate decide to withdraw his/her application. Candidates will be notified in good time of any changes due to major force.
Any dispute or controversy arising out of the above rules shall be settled by the Rome Law Courts.
For more info This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

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Organization CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali
Artistic Director Michelangelo Lupone
Managing Director Laura Bianchini
Scientific Director Lorenzo Seno
Masterclass Curator Walter Cianciusi