Attività Concerti Gran Cassa - Archipel

Ginevra, 9 aprile 2008



Gran Cassa. Canto della materia (2006)
For Feed-drum (20’)

Michelangelo Lupone: concept, music and sound design

Production: CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali, Roma
Commande Etat Français – CRM – Production for the Biennale Musiques en Scène Lyon/March 2006
Premièred in 1999, it has been presented in a new version for a special innovative instrument designed by the author: the Feed-drum at the occasion of Musique en Scène (Lyon, March 2006).
This instrument, called “Feed-drum” precisely for its intrinsic capacity of transforming the sound, responds to both the velocity and direction of the performers’ gestures. 
Each type of sound is correlated to the type of gesture that produces it, to the distance travelled by the hand of the performer and to the speed with which the hand moves across the different areas of the membrane.
In Gran Cassa. Canto della materia the live sound represents a separate entity with which the performer interacts. It is an unusual relationship in which the movements of the performer affect the vibration of the drum.