Artistic activity Installations-concert RiCreazione (ReCreation)

L'Aquila, December 18, 2010
Music Installation and music by Alessio Gabriele


Liceo Scientifico “A. Bafile” (Second Level College of Science “A. Bafile”)

In the context of the project “Polvere negli occhi, nel cuore sogni” - Inauguration of Museo Permanente di Arte contemporanea (Permanent Museum of Contemporary Art), curator Licia Galizia

This date is the result of a long itinerary during which the student of “Bafile” College have worked with 22 Italian artists, renowned internationally, that donated one of their art works to the school, providing to the students an opportunity to set up the spaces. “Polvere negli occhi, nel cuore sogni” - (Dust in the eyes, in the heart your dreams) that is the full name of the initiative - is a challenge that the artists and the creator of the project, Licia Galizia (artist and teacher), wanted to win. The starting point was the belief that it was essential for the young citizens of L’Aquila to stimulate their need for beauty through art, because they had lived the idea of “the ugly”) for 20 months because of the rubbles created by the earthquake of 6 April 2009. Educate young people to beauty is giving them a concrete chance about the future of L’Aquila. To help teenagers to open their eyes and pursue the deepest dreams were spent tasks and creativity. The 22 visual art works - realized by artists involved in the project - are different in style, language and means of expression.
Students will be featured in a twenty-third work : RiCreazione, a contemporary electronic music work, specifically created by the young composer Alessio Gabriele for the museum and performed through Holophones, sound projectors designed by CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome, able to diffuse the sound over long distances and in critical locations with minimal energy loss. The Holophones will be placed at the entrance of the school and directed to the city centre. The voices of the students who daily animate the corridors of the School “Bafile”, become the material that generates the narrative and sound itinerary which will take the visitors to discover the art collection, during the inauguration day. The school, therefore, become able to “generate” sounds full of a strong semantics, enough to transform itself in significant music element, becoming a ReCreation act.
The project “Polvere negli occhi, nel cuore sogni” received a prestigious award from the President of the Italian Republic, Giorgio Napolitano, who sent a letter and a plaque that will be shown during inauguration day and will placed with the presence of local authorities that sponsored the initiative: Municipality of L'Aquila, Province of L'Aquila and Regione Abruzzo.
Department of New Technologies and Musical Languages of “A. Casella” Conservatory of L’Aquila, The Foundation of L’Aquila University, FGTecnopolo Tiburtino, CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali di Roma, Gramma Institute of L’Aquila and Associazione P.A.C, collaborated to support and realize the project.