Artistic activity Opere scultoreo-musicali Vibrazioni in Acciaio - Vibrazioni in Rame

Rome, 27 June 2011
Musical and plastic adaptive art installations based on Planephones®

by Michelangelo Lupone, Laura Bianchini, Licia Galizia


FGTecnopolo building

The artistic idea of the two installations “Vibrazioni in acciaio” and “Vibrazioni in rame” draws on the particular architecture of FGTecnopolo building and they are integrated to it. Placed in the stairwells, the installations create an ideal link between lower and higher floors of the building, placing themselves in dialectic with the two big metal sculpture by the artist Marco Tirelli, the red one (west side) and the green one (east side), which overlook the courtyard completely covering the two facades.

The sculptures which compose the installations are light and sinuous and are crossed by sensible strings (similar to the ones of a string instrument). The use of different materials: steal and copper, lends to the artworks a different visual and musical character.

The audience can interact by touching the strings and can cause a musical mutation, which varies also in relation to the environment.
Vibrazioni in acciaio (placed on the east side) is composed of five sculptures made of painted steal and engraved by graffiti. The music by Michelangelo Lupone has a joyful character with brilliant and detailed timbres. Vibrazioni in rame (placed on the west side) is composed of three sculptures in painted copper engraved by graffiti. The sculptures, differently configured and of different dimensions, are also crossed by interactive sensible strings. The music by Laura Bianchini has a reflective character with smoothed and shimmering timbres.

The installations are based on Planephones® technologies (Lupone ’98), they represent an innovative art form which integrates music to plastic form, to sound diffusion system and to the environment which houses them.

Interactive Planephones® concept and design: Michelangelo Lupone
Music: Laura Bianchini (Vibrazioni in rame), Michelangelo Lupone (Vibrazioni in acciaio)·
Plastic forms: Licia Galizia
Musical assistants: Alessio Gabriele, Luciano Ciamarone
Technical assistant: Maurizio Palpacelli


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