Trevi nel Lazio, 4 - 31 August 2013
Art sound installation with Planephones®, by Laura Bianchini


Castello Caetani

Ali sensibili is an Art sound installation composed of three plastic-musical artworks, which are able to interact musically with the audience and to adapt to the environment conditions.

The idea draws on the name “Trevi” (Treba – trivium) and is organized like a counterpoint in three parts with distinct but complementary characters. The three artworks harmonize with each other and their light presences, suspended on the ceiling like “wings”, design a delicate, welcoming and changing sound space.

The installation is based on harmonic wood Planephones®, the same wood which is often used in the construction of orchestra instruments. It is always active, it perceives the presence of the visitor who can interact with every artwork touching light woollen threads. The music radiation is homogeneous along the Planephones® surfaces; this generates the loss of sources localization and accentuates the perception of environment specific resonance.


Artistic project and music:
Laura Bianchini
Planephones® concept:
Michelangelo Lupone
Music assistant:
Maurizio Palpacelli
Light design:
Emanuela Mentuccia
Realization: CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali
In collaboration with Radio CEMAT


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