Artistic activity Installations-concert Musica Incanto (Music Enchantment)

L’Aquila, August 23, 2013
Installation- Concert with Holophones during 719^ Perdonanza Celestiniana (the Celestine Pardon)


San Bernardino Church
In collaboration with Conservatory “A. Casella” of L’Aquila - Music and New Technologies Department.

L’Aquila - San Bernardino Church
August 23, 2013 - h 9.30 pm

MUSICA INCANTO is an installation-concert that uses Holophones, sound projectors, multiphonic sound diffusion system realized by CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali. The installation pays attention on a kind of emotion free from every adjective, but connected to impulse that becomes the shell for an ancestral experience, stimulated by music and love. And love - the controversial nature of Eros - is the focus of the different works that five young composers have realized for this installation: Maria Cristina De Amicis, Luigi Pizzaleo, Alessio Gabriele, Walter Cianciusi, Silvia Lanzalone. Holophones diffuse music delimiting the acoustic area and making the movement perceptible. Localizations and different sound articulations in the space - in an extraordinary architectonic scenary, just like San Bernardino church is - are emphasized by a light drawing, original and iridescent. The performance take place in L’Aquila, during celebration for 719^ Perdonanza Celestiniana (the Celestine Pardon), and it is realized in collaboration with the Department of Music and New Technologies of “A. Casella” Conservatory.

Physis Maria Cristina De Amicis
De Illusione Alessio Gabriele
Eros e Tanatos Luigi Pizzaleo
Painkiller Walter Cianciusi
Skenè Silvia Lanzalone

Every work is created and premièred during ArteScienza - Rome, June 2013

Artistic Director: Michelangelo Lupone
Artistic Coordinator: Laura Bianchini
Technical Coordinator: Maurizio Palpacelli
Sound Direction curated by composers
Music Assistant, students of Department of Music and New Technologies of Conservatory “A. Casella”: Luciano Ciamarone, Massimiliano Cerioni, Concetta Cucchiarelli, Cristian Paolucci
Audio Assistant, students of Department of Music and New Technologies of Conservatory “A. Casella”: Simone Scarazza, Jonathan Antonelli, Flavia Massimo