Artistic activity Concerts EMUfest - In sordina

Rome, 22nd October 2013


Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Sala Accademica

Michelangelo Lupone
In sordina for sax alto and feed-back system (2011-2013, Italian premiere)

EMUfest – International Electroacoustic Music Festival organized by Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Roma

I have composed this piece of music with the aim to understand and use in an expressive way the Saxophone excitation and resonance system. For this reason I have applied on the instrument bell a small speaker which reproduces the Saxophone sound and send it into the resonant body (WindBack). The speaker air flow, whose propagation has a direction opposite to the instrument emission, originates an acoustic feed-back, which sustains infinitely the air column and the sound. This intervention gave me the possibility to explore the timbre in non conventional ways and to discover details and behaviours of the instruments that I did not know before.
I have divided the piece into three sections, with a short conclusive coda. In the first section the sounds arise with simple relationships and progressively achieving complexity through internal mutations due to beats and harmonic conflicts. In the second section the rhythms and the granular maxes articulations which cause strident acoustic deformations emerge. In the third section sounds merge in an almost harmonic combination and form a well defined polyphony which straggles in the conclusive coda, where the performer interacts just with the resonant body.

Alto saxophone: Enzo Filippetti
Live electronics: Michelangelo Lupone
Sound direction: Federico Scalas