Artistic activity Concerts EMUfest - Nell’aria o sulla terra?

Rome, 24th October 2013


Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Sala Accademica

Laura Bianchini
’aria o sulla terra? for Sound Tubes, flute and electronics (2001)

EMUfest – International Electroacoustic Music Festival organized by Conservatorio Santa Cecilia, Roma

The compositive idea of “Nell’aria o sulla terra?” (“in the air or on the earth?”) is based on the contrast between the “chaotic” sound, produced by two tubes made of brass 180cm long with different diameter (2,7 cm  e 3,7 cm) and the “precise” sound produced by the flute.
The voice through which the interpreter modulates the timbre, the pitches and the durations represent sort of a necessary transition between the two states.

The sound generation through the tubes has requested the use of particular emission techniques developed by the composer together with the performer. The sound transformation process has been obtained both controlling insufflation, embouchure, emission velocity and pressure, and through an electronic elaboration system directly controlled by the interpreter by means of a pedal interface.

This work has been composed for the GAS Festival of Göteborg, where it has been performed for the first time in 2001.
It has been produced and realized at CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali of Rome.

Sound Tubes and Flute: Gianni Trovalusci