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Rome, 9th November 2013


FGTecnopolo Building, Spazio Eventi

On November 9th 2013, at the Spazio Eventi of FGTecnopolo Building (Tiburtino Technologic Park), the percussionist Philippe Spiesser performed the music composed by Laura Bianchini andMichelangelo Lupone in Chant de la matière,for Feed-Drum and SkinAct. These “augmented” percussion instruments, in which the acoustic and electronic technologies gather to create new sound and interpretative possibilities, has been presented and played in the same place where CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali operates, in the Tiburtino Technologic Park.

Philippe Spiesser showed how, through Feed-Drum and SkinAct, a performer can play with matter vibrations, transforming sounds from impulsive to resonant, until a crossed voices chant that migrates in a continuous flow within the different expressive moments of the two composers’ works.

In collaboration with CEMAT, RadioCEMAT, Virtual Consulting, FGTecnopolo

Chant de la matière
for Feed-Drum, SkinAct

Laura Bianchini
Terra for Feed-Drum and video (2012. 17’)

Michelangelo Lupone
Canto di madre for computer (1998, 7’)
Spazio curvo for 3  SkinActs  (2012, 35’)

Philippe Spiesser: Feed-Drum, SkinActs
Michelangelo LuponeLaura Bianchini: sound direction
Silvia Lanzalone: live electronics
Maurizio Palpacelli: audio assistant
Emanuela Mentuccia: light design

Performance produced by CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali with the support of Regione Lazio – Assessorato Cultura, Sport, Politiche giovanili e Turismo.


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