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Geneva, 22nd November 2013

Spiesser - Chant

Auditorium Uni-mail

On November 22nd 2013 the Auditorium Uni-mail of Geneva was the setting of the concert “SkinAct”, with music composed by Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone, performed by the percussionist Philippe Spiesser and by the Haute Ecole de Musique percussions class.

The event took place on the occasion of the inauguration of IRMAS, Institut de Recherche en Musique et Arts de la Scène and has offered the opportunity to present the research project realized by CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali in collaboration with HEM Haute Ecole de Musique of Geneva.

A CRM – Centro Ricerche Musicali production, in collaboration with HEM, HES, IRMAS

Laura Bianchini
for Feed-drum (2012)

Michelangelo  Lupone
Ostinato doppio for Feed-drum and percussions ( 2012) (*)

Michelangelo Lupone
Spazio curvo for 3 SkinActs (2012)

Philippe Spiesser: Feed-Drum, SkinActs
(*) Students of HEM percussions class, Feed-drum, percussions
Michelangelo·Lupone, Laura Bianchini: sound direction
Maurizio Palpacelli: audio assistant