Adaptive sculptural-musical installation made by LICIA GALIZIA and MICHELANGELO LUPONE

Rome, MACRO – Museum of Contemporary Art in Rome
Inauguration: 9th April 2014 h. 6:00 pm
Open to the public: 10th April – 7th September 2014

OASI is a sculptural-musical installation usable by everybody without accessibility limits, a multi-sensorial experience space, an immersive and interactive environment, which can change, adapt and develop the musical form in relation to user’s gestures.

All the expressive components of OASI are related to each other and integrate listening, touch and view.


The installation, conceived for MACRO Sensorial space, presents two adjoining and interconnected areas; each one has a point of convergence, where the user can establish an intimate dialogue with music and give life to its mutations while acknowledging its coherence with plastic forms and material characteristics.

In the first area the vibrating elements made of fibreglass are inserted in the walls and floor, evolving in sinuous shapes, like sails shaken by the wind.

The same elements irradiate the sound with different features, building a dynamic and embracing music around the visitor, with trajectories which guide the perception of a virtual space in elevation.

In the second area mobile elements made of vinyl are suspended in the middle of a nucleus which embraces the user. Music generated and modulated by plastic forms, together with heat and vibration mutations of the matter guide the perception of a descent, of an approach to a focal generative point.

All the elements of the installation react to the position, the movement and the contact with users; the surfaces are carved, pierced, folded and they propose a tactile lecture of signs and of modes of vibration related to the musical score.

The installation is based on technologies conceived at CRM, in particular, Planephones®-vibrating plates, allows exploiting the vibrational characteristics of natural and synthetic materials (such as metals, wood, paper, glass and their derivatives) in musical sense and in the plastic form.

MACRO (Sensorial space)
via Nizza 138, Rome
Opening times: Tuesday – Sunday  11.00-19.00 / Saturday 11.00-22.00 (ticket office closes one hour before)
Full price ticket: non resident 12,50 €, resident 11,50 €.
Reduced price ticket: non resident 10,50 €, resident 9,50 €

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