CRM Chi siamo

A non-profit cultural centre, CRM was founded at Rome in 1988 by composers Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone with a group of musicians and researchers for the purpose of promoting research into the aesthetic, analytical, musicological and scientific aspects of music. In 1990 CRM was officially recognized as a “Music Research Centre” by the Ministry for University Education and Scientific & Technological Research and subsequently, in 1993, by the Japan Foundation.

The work of CRM is also formative and didactic, involving a staff of musicians and scholars in an activity of theoretical and applied research carried out in collaboration with Italian and foreign research centres, ensembles and music and scientific institutions (conservatories, universities).

The CRM, in its activity (music production, concerts, research) designs and developes specific hardware devices, experiments composition systems and algorithms that allow a constant interaction between the musical language, the scientific thought and technological resources

Complex digital systems have been realized by the CRM laboratories, for sound synthesis and processing in real time (“expert” computers); for musical composition; for the design of listening spaces (Planephones®, Holophones, Resonators and Sound Pipes, Reflecting Screen); for studying physical models finalized for the development of virtual musical instruments.

Multiphonic sound diffusion systems have been designed and developed, many of which have been used by major scientific institutions, like the CRF-Fiat Research Centre, and appliedin two European psychoacoustic research projects: Soqcrates, for studying the quality of sound; Obelics, for studying the effects of noise on man. In addition the systems have been utilized in the realization of important events: Gran Galà Verdi (Teatro Regio of Parma); at the Colosseum, Mercati di Traiano Museo dei Fori di Roma in collaboration with the Archeological Superintendence of Rome (2003-2015); at the first Euro-Mediterranean Conference of the Ministers of Agriculture (Venice 2003); as art sound installations for the exhibition “Masterpieces from the Forbidden City” (Museo del Corso, Rome 2007-2008), Musica in Forma (Ara Pacis Museum, Rome 2009) as well as for permanent environmental installations such as “Hidden Sources” (by Paladino/Lupone at Rizzuto Mountain in Solopaca, Italy 2007); “A City to listen to”, musical events and art sound installations at the occasion of the G8 Summit, L’Aquila 2009), “Reflections of Dolmabahçe”, art sound installation for the inauguration of the Clock Tower Lighting, Istanbul, 2009, Lima Italian Embassy, 2012; OASI (Lupone/Galizia, visual artist), adaptive music artwork commissioned by MACRO Museo d’Arte Contemporanea di Roma, 2014, “Forme immateriali” a permanent adaptive music work commissioned by Galleria nazionale d’arte moderna museum for the fountains of Cortile del Partigiano (courtyard of partisan).

CRM promotes and organizes the international Festival of art, science and contemporary culture “ArteScienza”, supported by Ministry of Culture and the City of Rome, with the collaboration of International Institutions.

Michelangelo Lupone

Co-founder CRM

Laura Bianchini

Co-founder CRM

Lorenzo Seno Scientific Director
Alessio Gabriele Senior Researcher
Silvia Lanzalone Senior Researcher
Emanuela Mentuccia Project Assistant
Luciano Ciamarone

Artistic Collaborator

Walter Cianciusi

Artistic Collaborator

Maurizio Palpacelli Technical Collaborator