Research Altri progetti Sound tubes and Sound guides

Concept: Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone
Sound Design: Michelangelo Lupone
First presentation: Tubi sonori incontro in giardino tra suoni inauditi - MusicaScienza Trame della complessità, Gardens of Goethe-Institut Rom, Rome 1995


Sounds tubes are wave guide systems and are the result of the study of wind instruments (flute, clarinet) virtual models; the analysis of mathematical models, realized with complex filtering systems, has stimulated ideas and prospects in different applications: industrial (computing software realization, estimate and sound synthesis of the noise produced by the aspiration systems for internal combustion engines) and musical (realization of sound installations and multiphonic sound diffusion systems).

Sound Guides are obtained with pipe ducts of cylindrical and conic geometry, made of different materials (PVC, aluminium), of variable dimensions which length is proportional to the lower frequency emitted.

The installations based on wave guides technologies are suitable for the construction of a “local” sonorization. The sound diffusion is circumscribed and allows designing the sound space with punctual and dialoguing interventions.

These systems have been conceived to obtain the spatial separation between frequencies and a timbre type which shapes the acoustic space with a colour areas concept. The presence of multiple independent emission channels controlled by a computer permits the construction of a timbric and spatial dialog between the different installations placed in different points of the outfitting space.

These particular sound systems permit to realize installations with sonorization which create paths, entertainment situations where the audience can move and dialog, be stimulated and explore the spaces, discover the sound sources and stand in the most striking listening and vision places.

They are particularly suitable for installations in open spaces (gardens, parks).