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L'Aquila, 2009 July 8th, 9.30pm, Caserma della Guardia di Finanza - G8 Summit 2009

A City to listen to is a testimony to the intense cultural and artistic atmosphere which has made L'Aquila so exceptionally alive: a City which today we cannot see, but which we can listen to. A wide-ranging representation of the artistic, intellectual, scientific and technological forces of the City and of the Region has contributed to the realization of this interdisciplinary and multimedia event in which the multiform profile of the local community can be identified as well as the significant and determined participation of the young in the project. The cult of tradition and the launching into innovation together represent the life and soul of the City, merging to give rise to a grand choral score, a series of variations on the theme of the Hymn, the song that gives voice and form to the aspirations and hopes of a community.

Spectacular event in four moments (brochure)

Along the promenade

  • ANTHEMS PROMENADE -a promenade through the national anthems. Art sound installation with Holophones.
  • HYMNS - A virtual square. Poliphonic composition upon themes from national anthems by Michelangelo Lupone.

In the auditorium foyer

  • MUSIC IN FORMS - Art sound installation with Planephones®

In the auditorium

  • VOICES - Lyrical-symphonic concert.

Works by Rossini, Mozart, Verdi, Puccini.

Partners and references: G8 Summit 2009, Protezione civile, Conservatorio Casella - Dipartimento MNT, ISA - Istituzione Sinfonica Abruzzese.

Graphic project and image: Orto Onirico – strategia e immagine globale, Roma.