From vibrating matter to a theater of listening
Conversations with the students by Michelangelo Lupone and Laura Bianchini

April 21st 2009 10.30 AM
Liceo Scientifico Statale Teresa Gullace Talotta
branch Via Arrigo Solmi, 27 - 00175 - Roma
"Music, Matter and Vibration"

April 28th 2009 10.30 AM
Liceo Scientifico Statale Teresa Gullace Talotta
head office Piazza dei Cavalieri del Lavoro, 18 - 00173 - Roma
"Invention and Musical Research"

Through educational meetings regarding the new forms of musical expression the CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali wants to highlight how much the music, conjugated with new technologies and contemporary languages, is important as a formative element and method. For the attention to sperimentation, research and the relationship between art and science the Liceo Gullace, hosting institution, is in the forefront in respect to other analogous structures in the city of Rome.
Laura Bianchini and Michelangelo Lupone, composers and founders of Centro Ricerche Musicali, are going to show during the lectures scientific researches and art inventions produced at the CRM, through examples and listening.
The educational cycle ends with a spectacular event open also to the public. The institute court will be the perfect frame for art sound installations using original technologies conceived and realized at the CRM (olophones, sound guides) and for a performance on the electroacoustic instrument called Feed-drum, created by Lupone.

The project is promoted on the occasion of the Galileian year, 400 years since the invention of telescope that influenced so much the observation of celestial phenomena. Studies on the vibrating string and intervals carried out by the musician Vincenzo Galilei (Galileo's father) with the aid of his son, represent the basis for the acoustic and vibrational applications that characterize the artworks presented in the form of installation.