Artistic activity Composizioni


Many international composers realized their works (sometimes commissioned by CRM) at the Centre.

CRM musical production takes advantage of a digital recording studio, of a multiphonic listening system for the spatialization and surround applications, of original sound diffusion systems, of systems for signals synthesis and elaboration and of instruments for real time analysis and control of sound.

The production is assisted by experienced staff that, at the conclusion of the work, draws up the technical-executive documentation, giving life to a valuable reference material for the operators of this sector.

1 Maurizio Alfonsi
2 Jacopo Baboni Schilingi
3 Giorgio Battistelli
4 Guido Baggiani
5 Mario Bertoncini
6 Laura Bianchini
7 John Wolf Brennan
8 Mauro Cardi
9 Luigi Ceccarelli
10 Massimiliano Cerioni
11 Juan Manuel Chàvez
12 Walter Cianciusi
13 Aldo Clementi
14 Matteo D'Amico
15 Michele Dall'Ongaro
16 Fiammetta D'Emilio
17 Alessio Gabriele
18 Maria Cristina De Amicis
19 Patrizio Esposito
20 Lutz Glandien
21 Vincenzo Grossi
22 Domenico Guaccero
23 Daniel Jones
24 Silvia Lanzalone
25 Beatrice Lasio
26 Fabien Levy
27 Andrea Nicoli
28 Michelangelo Lupone
29 Luigi Pizzaleo
30 Lucia Ronchetti
31 Nicola Sani
32 Alessandro Sbordoni
33 Giacinto Scelsi
34 Dieter Schnebel
35 Fausto Sebastiani
36 Teo Usuelli