Artistic activity Art sound installations

Art sound installations

The art sound installations realized at Centro Ricerche Musicali (Rome), are artworks which integrate music to sound diffusion instruments and to scenic and listening space. They represent one of the innovations of contemporary musical language because they gave life to a more general transformation process of musical works fruition and composition modes.

At the beginning of nineties, after the first public presentations, which proposed a music capable of creating a virtual architecture around the listener, they progressively started to make use of materials and forms functional to the construction of the space where sound lives and moves. The fruition of the musical artwork happens through a total experience of sound and of environment, and it takes advantage of senses in a correlate way, to stimulate first the intuitive plane and then the active and cognitive participation of the listener, who chose the behaviour which suits better the listening.

Roma, 27 – 30 ottobre 1994
Ideazione e progetto: Laura BianchiniMichelangelo Lupone



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