Laura Bianchini

General Director


(Trevi nel Lazio, 1954)
Interested in scientific research and in the use of technologies, she collaborated in the realization of electronic systems for musical composition (both analogical and digital), including the construction of one of the earliest Italian computers for sound synthesis in real time Fly10, designed in 1983 by composer Michelangelo Lupone.
Her work includes pieces for electronics, radio, instruments, dance and theatre, performed at international festivals.
For several years she has been carrying out research work on the relationship between text and music and on the musical fable collaborating with writers and directors (Susanna Tamaro, Giorgio Pressburger, Gustavo Frigerio, Ida Bassignano, Luca Ronconi).
From 2003 her research is specially focused on integrated art works such as “Art sound installations” which combine the listening environment to plastic forms, light and sound technologies, designed at CRM - Centro Ricerche Musicali.
She realized different installations (“Varianti in rame”, a permanent site specific interactive installation (2011); “Armonico” commissioned by De Mura house of Design, (both realized with the collaboration of visual artist Licia Galizia), “In a landscape” based on Sound guides, inspired and dedicated to John Cage (2012); “Ali Sensibili” for the Caetani Castle of Trevi nel Lazio (2013).
She co-designed “Gioco delle risonanze” with Michelangelo Lupone (who also realized the music and sound spatialization), a huge site specific permanent and interactive installation in the Palestra Grande - Archeological site of Pompeii (2006-2015). She is co-founder of CRM-Centro Ricerche Musicali, Roma (1988), a centre for musical and scientific research, of which she is co-director and where she continues her artistic activity.